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ICI Sunday School curriculum for Quran, Islamic Studies, and Arabic (2017-2018)

Third Grade Classroom

Teacher: Samar Mustafa

ALQuran Alkareem:

We will start Inshallah to teach the Third Grade students to recite (Juz Amma), memorize and understands the shorter Surah before the longer Surah.  Each surah has different activities, like where the surah Revealed, think and write, activity and some of important vocabulary words. It is a stand-alone learning tool for a specific purpose; to master the understanding of the 30th section of the Quran, which is a widely held goal in Islamic education.


Juz’Amma:30 (volume1)  

Alqayeda Alnwranya By: Alshikh Noor Mohamed Jeqanee

Islamic Studies:

Inshallah it will bring to light the historic and cultural aspects of Islam. The book covers many Islamic Aspects, manners, stories and faith. My goal as a teacher is to build a strong, honest, faithful Muslim for today and for many years to come Inshallah.



Arabic language:

Read, write and understand:

Students need to Read, pronounce, write and understand the meaning of the Qur’anic language. Teacher discussed with the student the meaning of the word that they worked it together in groups. My goal as a Teacher teach the basic Qur’anic vocabulary and to teach the Arabic script and writing skills. Also I hope to teach the basic Qur’anic concepts in English.


Working in groups: Use flash cards, and scrambled words to match the words with correct meaning.

Writings skills: Practice on hand writing; student need to write the Arabic Alphabet the right way and notice the difference between the similarities of the letters.



 Let’s Read and Write Arabic (Book One)

By: Fadel Abdallah


Sister Samar Mustafa

3rd Grade Teacher

Email Address:    samar.mustafa@icisundayschool.org

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