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3rd grade B – Sana Mahmoud – sana.mahmoud@icisundayschool.org



December Lesson Plan

ALsalamo Alukum Parents, 

The lesson for the month of December will include the following. 
Quran Studies: 
We will continue our lesson of Surat Al'Alaq and Surat Al Qadr.
Each student will continue to memorize and revise these two surah. 
Arabic Studies:
Work on identifying the Arabic letters within words from the beginning to the end. Each student will pronounce each word and identify the three places that each letter within a word. using there notebook they will write each word and underline the letters in each position. For the next two weeks we will work on the English meaning of selection words from the Quran. The book we will be reading this lesson from is "Qaheda Al'Norania"
Islamic Studies:
Work on the identifying the second pillar Islam "Salah", and how to perfect it. 
Thank You and we are looking forward to a great month of December! 

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