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Fwd: News letter for sunday 2/17

Asalam alaykum everybody ;

I am so proud of the students that finished memorizing surat al- teen and I hope next week the rest will be done as well😁

Homework for next week:

isalmiyat- review prophet yousefs story for test next week. The test will include all new character names that took place in yousefs story.

Finish answering the unit questions in the textbook and workbook.

*For students who didnt finish the project we started in class last week please do it at home and bring it with you to class. The project is to write a short summary about prophet yousefs story on a construction paper divided in 7 sections. Each section should explaina major events that took place jn his life, such as his dreams, his jealous brothers,his migration to egypt, his prison life, the kings dream, yousef becoming the teasure protector of egypt, and his family reunion.*

Quran- keep memorizing surat al teen with meaning

Arabic- finish writing the last two pages of Allahs prophets in you book: lets read and write.


  4th grade teacher; Lucy Maraka

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Fwd: sunday school news letter for 2/10

asalamu Alaykum everyone ;

High five to the students who got A and A+ on the islamiat test last week!!Thank you parents for all your help …insha’a Allah all my students WILL take A+ on our next test ( be ready 🙂 

yesterday we have covered :

Quran : Surat Ateen ayah 4-7  ( check note book to review the meaning of these ayat )

H.W// memorize the Surah 1-7  with the meaning


Arabic ( book let’s Read and Write) page 16 -17 

H.W : finish writing the names of Allh prophets


Noorany book ( lesson 11 page 21) 

practice reading page 21 ( words with sookoon and Hamzat Al wasl)


Islamic Studies  ( unit A chapter 5) prophet Yousef Story 

We are done  reading the story of prophet Yousef ,and how his dream when he was young came true  / students now know about Hasad from yousef brothers , and how we should always trust in Allah first , and how trusting Allah and being patient are important in the difficult times ! 

H.W  Answer the questions in test book ( p.g A59) and in the students workbook 

4th grade teacher; 

Sister Lucy Maraka 


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4th grade news lesson 2/3

asalamu alaykom parents ;

Today at sunday school we learned ;

Quran ( surat At teen)ayah 1-4  

please check your for all the new things we have learned about this beautiful surah . Ask your child about what do they learned from this surah 

H.Wmemirize the ayat ( focuse on shaddah and mad) 

Arabic / finish writing the prophet names 

islamic Studies :

answer question for chapter 5 ( prophet Ya’qoob son ) 


4th grade teacher ;

sister Lucy Maraka 

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February Newsletter



Noorani book








سورة التين

      Ayat 1-4

Students will

 *learn the four symbols allah (S.W) swears by  in this surah to emphasasize the importance of HIS BEST CREATION, HUMAN BEING  

* learn the use of the letter Waw و in the begging of the surah ( THEOath)

*understand the main idea of this surah ,

* read after the teacher each ayah few times

*recognize the shaddah and qalqalah in the ayat


New words

والتين /والزيتون / وطور سنين/ وهذا البلد الامين / خلقنا الانسان / في أحسن تقويم



Memorize ayat 1-4


Lesson 11 p.g 21


Students will

*recognize mad letters

*recognize the Sokoon

*read lines 5-10 after the teacher with and without spelling

*read the assigned lines individually

*be able to tell mad letters and the right pronunciation


 Home Work   

Listen to the audio for the lesson

Master reading the assigned lines





Part 2/ the names of the prophets of God mentioned in the Quran  P.G 16+17

Students will

*learn how to read each prophet name in the correct way p.g 16+17

 *practice writing each prophet name in p.g 16+17

* learn brief facts about each prophet as a class activity ( Q.A)  

* recognize the naughty letters



Home work  


*Finish writing the lesson

* Practice writing عليه السلام  


After ONE Prophet


Test on chapter 1,2,3

(Test will include vocabulary ,

, study questions and exercise

in students workbook

     Good Luck 😊






















سورة التبن

Ayat 5-8

Students will

*understand the main meaning for these ayat

) the people who refuse to follow Allah’orders will GO TO THE LOWEST LEVEL )

*recognize Qalqala,Ghoonah on Meem with shaddah and Mad Munfasil

*  Read the ayat few times after the teacher

* Read the assigned ayat individually


*write the new words in note book


New Words

ثُمَّ /أسفل سافلين / إالا الذين آمنوا / عملوا الصالحات / أجر / أحكم الحاكمين


Home Work

Memorize the new ayat

Review the new meaning from note book

     Lesson 11 lines

1-6 p.g 22

Students will continue

*to focus on Sokoon , mad, leen letters , HAMZAT AL WASIL and the right pronunciation

  *Repeat after the teacher the assigned lines with tajweed rules

*read one line individually


Home Work

Listen to the audio for the lesson

Repeat after the reciter each word

Master reading the assigned line

TEST NEST WEEK on lesson 11p.g 22 ONLY  


Part 2/ the names of the prophets of God mentioned in the Quran P.G 18+19

Students will

*learn how to read each prophet name in the correct way p.g 18+19

 * practice writing each prophet name in p.g18+19


*learn brief facts about each prophet as a class activity ( Q.A)  

* recognize the naughty letters



Home Work

*finish writing the words in p.g 18+19

*WRITE عليهم السلام


After mentioning more than one !

Unit A/Chapter 4:

Prophet  Ya’qoob and his

 beloved son A36-A 47


*Identify Prophet Ya’qoob

 the son of Ishaq

*Describe the family of prophet Ya’qoob

*Recognize prophet Yusef

* Describe how JEALOUSY

 leads people hating one

another and wishing bad fo

r each other

*Read the lesson together

* Answer the questions at

the end of the lesson

* answer  exercise 1-4 in

 workbook AS A GROUB



Ya’qoob, Yousuf , Zuleikha,




*Review the lesson

*Finish exercise 1, 2, 3,4

in student workbook p.g





سورة التين

Revision (Ayat 1-8)

Students will

* Review reading each ayah few times after the teacher with tajweed rules *Recognize

( Mad Munfasil,Shaddah, ghoonah,Qalqalah

*write and be able to tell,  what do they understand from the surah   

New Words

*Review all the surah main meanings

Home Work

**memorize the surah with tajweed rules


         Test                 on lesson 11 p.g 22








     Lesson 18

    P.G 21 +21

Students Will

*Understand how many holy book Allah sent

* We muslim MUST believe in these books

* These books has been changed

* EACH book and the Name of the prophet for these books



Study for Spelling test next week with the name of the prophet for each book IN ARABIC 😊



Unit A Chapter 5 A48-A59

Prophet Yusuf: leader in



Students will

 *Describe the life of prophet


* describe the character of

 prophet Yusuf as a leader

Identify he main lesson

learned from prophet Yusuf.s


* Answer the questions


 Class work

Read together , answer the questions p.g A 59 and workbook exercise


*Finish question p.g 14-17 in


*Study for  TEST on  chapter


Test will include vocabulary ,

 study questions and

exercise in students






Class work


Review for surat ad duha, al lail, ash-shams


Activity on theses surahs



Lesson 12 p.g 22 +23

Students will : *Understand and recognize The Shaddah  in the lesson

* Read each word after the teacher then individually


Home Work

 *Listen to the audio for the lesson

*Repeat after the reciter each word

*Master reading the assigned line





          Good luck 😊





            Good luck 😊



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September Lesson Plan

                                                                      Islamic Center of Irving

                                        September Lesson Plan /4Th Grade



             Noorani Book


Islamic   Studies      


first day of School 😊





 Sutat Al Fatiha




Memorize the main meaning of Surat Al Fatiha

 ألحمد/رب العالمين/ايلك نعبد

إياك نستعين /إهدنا / الصراط /المغضوب غليهم / الضالين / آمين

Memorize the three main parts of Surat Al Fatiha ) Check Note book)

·        Evaluation

·        Review the short vowels ( Harakat)

·        Review Long Vowels or Mad letters أ و ي










Read and understand our 4th grade logo

( attachment )


Read Lesson 1 p.g 2 + 3

The pillars of Islam




*Read the logo few times and share it with parents

*Read the pilarrs of Islam

*Students should say the pillars ORALLY

*Finish writing the words

( Spelling Test Next Week )


Unit 1 / Chapter A

P.G A2- A5


* Prophet Ibraheem The father of the prophets

*The Birth of Ismaeel

*Hajar Trust Allah 






Surat Al Iklas / Al FAlaq/ An nas




Understand tawheed from surat Al Ikas



·       Heavy letters and write them on note cards

·       Qalqala/Shaking  letters ,and write them on note card

·        Ghoonah Letters

·        Read lesson 6 p.g

12 line 1-5

Review 4th grade Logo and meaning


Lesson 3 p.g 4 +5



Read the pillars of Iman

Students Should say the pillars in Arabic ORALLY

Finish writing p.g 4+5

(Spelling Test next week p.g 4+5)

   Unit A Chapter 1

A6– A-12


*Hajar Runs between Safa and Marwa

* The spring of Zamzam

*The Start of Makkah

* Ibraheem’s Vision

*Building the Kh’ba


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