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Assalamu Alaikum warahamatullahe wabarakatuh

This is your 7th grade Girls Sunday School Teacher.
I would like to give an overview of what we did yesterday in class.
The Girls practiced on their presentation next week about the Prophets.
In Qura’an, they learned the meaning of Aayah 21-31 of Surat Annaziaat with tafseer.
In Arabic, the girls wrote the new vocabulary words in the Aayat with the translation so they will have an understanding of what they are memorizing or reading in the Qura’an.
In Islamic Study, they learned about the minor and the major signs of the Day of Judgment.
Their HOMEWORK is to memorize Aayah 21-31 of Surat or Surat Annazia’at.
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October Lesson Plan

Asslamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahe wa Barakatuh,


In sha’a Allah in the month of October the 7th grade girls will finish learning and memorize Surat Annaba’a and starting Surat Annazi’at.

Students will do vocabulary test on each surah they memorize.

In Islamic Studies the girls will finish unit A and will work in groups on a project about at least 20 of the Prophets and messengers by drawing a map which shows where they delivered their Messages.

In the 3rd week, the girls will start Unit B: Journey to the Hereafter.

We will learn about the unseen world, Salatul-Janazah, The life in the grave, the end of time, Ahadeeth of the Prophet (S) that related to the subject and surat Al-Haqqah which’s also related to the subject.



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Week 3,4 and 5 Lesson Plan

Week 3, 4 and 5 Lesson Plan. 9/24@30/18


  • Vocabulary test, Aayah 1-10 of Surat Annaba’a.
  • Learn the meaning and the reason of the revelation of Aayah 11-20 of Surat Annaba’a.
  • Beginners’ students will use Qaidah Noooraniyah to practice reading the Qur’an.

Arabic will be integrated with Qur’an and Islamic studies.

Islamic Studies:


Students will review:

  • Pillars, obligations and voluntary acts of wudu.
  • What invalidates the wudu.
  • Conditions of Salah.
  • Pillars, obligations and voluntary acts of salah.
  • Nullification of Salah.

Unit A: Allah’s Message and Messengers. Chapter 3-6:

  • The Messengers and their Message.
  • The Prophet King: The Story of Prophet Dawood.
  • The Greatest King: The Story of Prophet Suleyman.
  • Balqees: The Qween of Faith.


On a poster that includes the names of the prophets (in Arabic and English) mentioned in the Qura’n.

Class / Homework: Islamic Studies answer the question. P. 25-10, 35, 43 and 49.


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