January Lesson Plan

Asslamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahe wa Barakatuh

In sha’a Allah in the month of January the 7th grade girls will learn and memorize Surat Asharh, Adduha, Al-Lail and Ashams.

In Islamic Studies the girls will learn Surat Al-Mumtahinah in unit C

  • The reason for revelation, the vocabulary, lessons learned and the Hadeeths about the seven destructive sins.
  • Students will learn about the Great Victory in the Liberation of Makkah and how Abu Sufian embraced Islam.
  • The Battle of Hunayn, the two Hadeeths on (Everyone is born with true faith) and (three maners lead to destruction)

Students will write the Suwar, Ahadeeth and the new vocabulary in Arabic with the translation.



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