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Weekly September 15, Newsletter 2019

Weekly September 15, Newsletter 2019

2nd Grade A

Assalamu Alikom Dear Parents,

This is Insaf Odeh  your second grade “A” teacher. Here is an overview of what we did in class this Sunday and the homework they need to complete for the following week:

 *Before starting the lesson we have reading duaa  

            "أصبحنا وأصبح الملك لله والحمد لله ولا إله إلاّ الله وحده لا شريك له له الملك وله الحمد وهو على                          

                                       كلّ شيءٍ قدير "، "ربّ اشرح لي صدري ويسّر لي أمري واحلل عقدة من لساني يفقه قولي".  

  1. *We took first four 4 Ayat from Surat “AL-Qariah”{القارعة},Tafseer and the meaning of it. “The Calamity!” The Day of Resurrection which is that the basis of judgement in the Divine Court will be whether the provision of the deeds that a matt has brought is weighty or weightless,or whether his good deeds are heavier than his evil deeds or lighter.

*The students listened to the reading of the Minshawi Mualem with the kids and  they re-read the surah with the children.
*I explained to students the rule of Qalqala and its letters: 

 . قطب جد (ق ط ب ج د) I ask some students to read it and.


   *Memorize “Surat Al-Qariah” and the meaning of it.

   *And please make your child recite surah reading with kids after                            

     reading Minshawi teacher sura.

  2-The students took a review in the Arabic alphabet by displaying images cards of animals in Arabic words and I  put it on the board and ask them what they see in the pictures? Through the answers of the students were reviewed letters Arabic alphabet and I explained to students the difference between the shape of the character and his voice, like an example  ألف  is the Shape of the Character, and   أَ  أُ إِ  is Character sound.

*I explained to the students the three short vowels fatha  َ, dumma ُ         

 ,kasra   ِ and sukoon  ْ .

*We returned the first lesson from Al-Qaida Al-Noorania’s book, for the Arabic Alphabet.

*I gave a worksheets papers to students to know the level of each    

  student by knowing the answers of students.


         *Review the previous letters and the three short vowels with sukoon.                                                                       


        1-We started with the first lesson in I love Islam 2 book 

           Unit C Chapter 2: S Zaid Learns how to make wudoo’.

  2-  I explained to students the meaning of  وضوء and نيّة.

        3- Students learned that the intention was replaced by the heart and must be before embarking ablution.

  4- Students learned in the sense of ablution wash specific of the body to get read for prayer. And i tread  them ayet no 6 from Surat Al-Maiedaa  and the Hadeeth of the prophet صلّى الله عليه وسلّم.  The verse speaks of the need to wash ablution face and  Hands to the elbows and heads in the legs to the ankles.

بسم الله الرّحمن الرّحيم                                                     

                "ا أيّها الذين ءامنوا إذا قمتم إلى الصّلوة فاغسلوا وجوهكم وأيديكم إلى المرافق وامسحوا برؤوسكم 

                  وأرجلكم إلى الكعبين".     عن أبي هريرة رضي الله عنه : عن النّبيّ صلّى الله عليه وسلّم قال : 

                   لا يقبلُ اللهُ صلاة أحدكم إذا أحدثَ حتّى يتوضّأ".   

  1. Students learned for salah how to make ablution (wudoo’)  in order.

  2. It was emphasized that students should not waste water during wudoo’.

  3. I was reading the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in the prohibition of

      Wasting in the water during ablution even if it’s on the Gary River.

         HomeWork:*Please, train your children on how to perform ablution “wudoo’. 





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Welcome Letter


 Sr. Insaf‘s 2nd Grade A Class 

Assalamu Alaikum

 Dear Parents, 

I’m honored to join the “2” nd grade A at ICI Sunday School of Irving and I like to introduce  my self :

My name is INSAF MUBARAK  ODEH     I hold a B.S Bachelor’s Degree in Sharia        ( Al- Fiqh – Wa Osoloh ) Islamic Law and Jurisprudence from the “International Islamic Sciences University” in Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.  

I’m Successfully completed Sixty hours with “Ijaza degree” on the provisions of the Recitation of the “Holy Quran”.I have five years experience in teaching Islamic education in Jordan.And for me the subjects that I will teach your kids inshaa alla each are as follows:

(Qura’an – Islamiat – Arabic).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via Email:


Supplies List

*4 Pencils    *1 Scissor *1 Sharpener  

 *Construction Papers    *1 Notebook 

 *Crayons    *Color Pencils  *Markers

  *Folder  *Flash Cards  *Markers Colors


  1. 10:00-10:15                Morning assembly at      

  2.                                       women prayer area 2nd    


  1. 10:20-11:00                Qura’an

  2. 11:00-12:00                Arabic 

  3.  12:00-12:30               Lunch time and Recess.

  4. 12:30-1:30                 Islamiat

  5. 1:30-2:00                   Wudoo’ time and     

                                     preparing for Duhur                                           


  1. 2:15                            Dismissal time.

  •  Note:  Dismissal time, it will be from our class room down stairs by parents or by 12 years and up siblings ONLY. If you come late after 2:30 PM you need to pick up your child from our principle’s office at 2nd floor.

  • If your child has allergies to certain food, please tell the administration.

  • Please commit to wearing abaya for girls, and wearing pants for boys.

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