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Weekly Newsletter For Sep 22

ASA 2nd B parents..

Here is what we have learned today
in our class:
*Quran :
We reviewed the meaning of (Al-Qariah) and we have learned the ayat(4 and 5) from the sura recitation and tafseer.

We divided our learners in 2 groups depending on their level:
-Group A (Beginners): we have learned the letters that pronounced and used your lips with it, letters:(ف،ب،م) and we recognized the different shape for each letter (beginning, middle and end of the word).
-Group B (Advanced): we have reviewed the 3 short vowel signs ( Al-fatha, Adamma and Al- kasra)and practiced reading the letters with the signs.

We have continued our lesson about
Al-Tahara and Al-Najasa and the importance for muslim of being clean and tahir.

*Home works for next Sunday
Sep 29, inshaa Allah are:
– have your child practice reciting the ayat (4 and 5) from surat Al-Qariah.
– please review with your child the new letters(ف،ب،م) they have learned today( for beginners learners ), or practice reading the letters with the 3 short signs (Al-fatha ,Adamma and
Al-kasra) and focus on the sound that each short sign make it (for advanced learner).


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Weekley Newsletter Sep15

Assalamu Alikom dear parents,
This is Sr. Abeer 2nd (B) teacher at Sunday School.
Every week inshaa Allah I will post here and on our Sunday School website the weekly newsletter.
Elhamdulliah we had another wonderful successful day.
Here is what we have learned today :
We started with 3 ayat of surat AL-Qariah (القارعة) recitation and tafseer and we defined the meaning of (Al-Qariah) and how we should prepare ourselves for the day of judgment. 
We had an assessment test to know each student Arabic level (Identify all an Arabic letters, how we read all the letters with short and long vowels).
-We started with the lesson of cleanliness,and the importance of being clean in Islam.
– We defined Al-Tahara and Al-Najasa and why the muslim should be (Tahir) before starting the prayer.
-We explained some examples of Al-Najasat .
-We learned the rules of using the toilet and how we should clean ourselves.
** Home works that need to be done by next Sunday Sep 22 is:
Memorize the first 3 ayat of surat Al-Qariah ( القارعة).
Jazakom Allah Khair.

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Weekly Newsletter Sep 15

Weekly Newsletter Sep 15

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