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Salam Aleekum brothers and sisters ;              here Is what we dId on Sunday 10/13/2019

Noytany book 

•Reviewed the first and the second lessons of alqa3ida alnoraniya . {encourage your kids to read the first lesson  every day at least 10 minutes   .
•we started lesson three ( The Muqaṭṭa letters  حُرُوف مُقَطَّعَات “disjoined letters” or “disconnected letters”) 

 H.w review the first and second lessons 

Islamist                                                        •Continue on Al Wudu  ( go over the steps of wudu with your child ) 
•Book “I love Islam textbook ) unit C chapter one ( I don’t miss my prayers)                         H.W  / finish students workbook questions  unit C11.                                                                      Finish  work book questions unit C page 37 , 38,39.
•tafseer Surat alfatiha And reciting with tajweed rules                                                                             H.W memorize the surah and review the main meanings الحمد لله ، اياك نعبد ، اياك نستعين ، اهدنا 
 Arabic / book “let’s read and write Arabic”  page number 2,3 the pillars of Islam and we talked about all of them and explained very well.                                                                          H.W finish writing the pillars and practuce saying them orally in arabic 
NOTE ….please help your child to read and review the letters DAILY for at least 10 It will make a big difference  Inshaallah .                  Also each student MUST have one note book , pencils , erasers and  a sharpener!!
. Jazakum Allah khairan 

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