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5th grade –Sr. Saoussan Samman  – saoussan.samman@icisundayschool.org



Week 3 L P

 Week 3 Lesson Plan. 9/22/19


1-    Read, understand, translate and memorize Aayat 6-10 of Suraht


2-    Learn the meaning and the reason of the revelation of the Surah.


1-    Read, write and learn the meaning of the words on P. 11-12 of (Lets Read and Write Arabic) Book one.

2-    Practice writing P. 12.

Islamic studies.

Students will learn: What it means to be in Salaat, why should we pray and the fruit of Salaat.

Students will have a packet on Wudu and Salah. P. 6-12 of Salaat A to Z.

Home Work:

1-    Memorize Aayah 6-10 of Surat Al-Balad.

2-    Read and write P. 12 of (Lets Read and Write Arabic) Book one.

3-    Review the Salah packet. P. 10-12.

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Welcome Back

Welcome Back


Welcome to Sr. Saoussan’s 5th Grade Class 

Asslamu Alaikum Respected Parents and Students, 

I am very blessed and honored to be your child’s teacher this year of 2019-2020. 

This is my 3rd year at ICI Sunday School. My most important goal is to get to know my student and to create a good relationship with each one of them to make a difference in his/her life. 

I want the families and my students to understand that my philosophy in the classroom is concentrated on efforts and not giving up. 

I also believe that each student should have a goal for being here and ask him/her self (why I am here?). Following the Class Rules will help us achieve our goals In sha’a Allah. 



10-1-:15 Morning Assembly 

10:20-11 Qur’an 

11-12 Arabic 

12-12:30 Lunch 

12:30-1:30 Islamic Studies 

2 Duher Prayer 

2:15 Dismissal (Room 244) by parents or sibling above 12.

After 2:30 from the office 

Dress Code 

Girls: Abaya or long sleeve shirt with a long skirt and Hijab. 


Boys: Long Pants no Long short  



Supply’s List 

Pencils, eraser, sharpener, washable Markers, glue stick folder, note book, construction papers and a pencil case. 

Class Expectations 

Each child is expected to follow the class rules and responsible for his/her own behavior. 

No Electronic devices allowed. 




Virus-free. www.avast.com

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