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Author: Abeer Nijem

[2nd B Grade] Weekly Newsletter/Oct 6

ASA 2nd B parents..

Here is what we learned on Sunday
Oct 6 in our class:
*Quran :
we learned the ayat(7-9) from surat Al-Qariah recitation and tafseer.

-Group A (Beginners): we learned the letters:(خ،ع،ي) and we recognized the different shape for each letter (beginning, middle and end of the word).

-Group B (Advanced): we learned about Doubled Kasrah ( Al-Kasratan) and the sound of it and we practiced reading some words with Al-Kasratan.

-We learned the importance of prayer
and it is the key for Jannah.
-We learned the correct way to pray.
-We recognized mistakes that some people make in salah and how to avoid them.

*Home works for next Sunday
Oct 13,inshaa Allah are:
– memorize the ayat (7-9)from surat Al-Qariah.
– please review with your child the new letters(خ،ع،ي) they learned on Sunday( for beginners learners ), or practice reading the letters with
Al-Kasratan on pages 16 and 17 from Arabic book(for advanced learner).


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