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December news letter

December  Newsletter
ICI Sunday School
Sr. Lucy’s 4th grade class
Dear Parents, 
Asalamu Alaykom Wa Rahamato Allah Wa barakatoh;
I have an amazing announcement to brag about at my 4th graders !! It was inspiring and thrilling to listen to all of the wonderful voices of my 4th grade boys for our Athan /Iqama  competition for 2019 …all of my boys did really great and I am so proud of all of them, “Masha’a Allah!!”✨✨
 Also i am so proud of the amount of love and support the students had among each other to pick the winner for this amazing event! Thank you 4th graders boys and girls for making this such a fun activity 😊
💥The winners for the Athan recitation are  💥
                                                                                •Reza Imanraharja 1st place 🥇                                                     •Aathif Saheem Ahmed  2nd place 🥈                                                  •Mohamed Masaad 3rd place 🥉
 ✨The winners for the Iqama recitation are  ✨
                                                                               •Yahya A Mohamed 1st place 🥇                                                          •Ayaan Khan 2nd place 🥈                                                                    •Ibrahim R Mansour 3rd place  🥉
We honored their hard work by letting the winners recite the Ethan and Iqama! They lit up our masjid with their beautiful voices, Mashallah. They will also be performing again next Sunday. The other winners will also participate in this opportunity. Once again, great job! 🙂
Quran/Surat Al Lail ayah 5-10
H.W read and memorize the new ayat with Tajweed rules . Memorize the meaning of يُسرى / easy life , and عُسرى /hard life !!   
                                                                             Arabic:Allah ‘s Prophets Mentioned in the Quran                                                                                                      •.we finished learning about all 25 prophets                •practice reading  and finish writing all the names        •write about your favorite prophets on a separate paper.                                                                 •Review the information we learned about the prophets and their important mission!! 
Nourani book/ lesson 11                                                  .• we are still testing on lesson 11                                     •please make sure to practice reading every day 
Islamiat / Unit A , prophet Ibraheem                                        .WE WILL HAVE A SHORT QUIZ  ON CAPTER 1-2-3                                                                                 .HW study for the quiz all the questions and the new words in each chapter 
****************************************************    . December Important Dates and News                                       . 12/1 Islamiat test                                                                  . 12/ 8 Quran recitation test / Surat Al layl                         . 12/15 MOVIE DAY / bring snack 🍿🥨🍭🧁🍰🍩                                       . 12/22 -12 /29 WINTER BREAK / NO SCHOOL                                                       
Jazakum Allah khairan 

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