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homework and news letter

Asalamu alaykum everyone !!                                     I am so glade to see all the happy faces my students had yesterday , i also enjoyed listening to your adventures and stories you had during winter break …Al hamdu lillah all of you guys are safe and in good health !!

Homework for 1/5/2020

Quran: finish memorizing surat Alail( night ) Review the new meanings for ayat 14-21 للهدى / Only Allah can Guide you…أنذرتكم / I had warned you…..ناراً تلظى / sever hell fire …..                  الاشقى / the wrong doer only going to go to the Naar …..الأتقى / the one who fear and love Allah will be saved                                                         يتزكى / also the one who gives Zakkah ( purify himself) only for the Sake Of Allah                                      وجه ربه or وجه الله / for Allah ”s sake               ولسوف يرضى / you WILL BE BLEESED WITH ALLAH ”S REWARDS

***Only studendnts who memorize the surah will take a 🎁 so lets memorize you all 😉***

Arabic / lets read and write Arabic                    Finish writing and memorizing the names of Allah”s Holy books and the massenger for each book !!

Islamiat / prophet Lut Story                               Finsh the questions for the lesson on  unit A21 and the questins in your work book for prophet lut                                                                        Review the lesson nee words                               Lut / Sodom / Angel Jibreel ,Israfeel  and Mikaeel / the dead see/ 

Thank you guys for being a wonderful students 😃

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