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homework for Sunday 2/16

Asalamu Alaykum everyone ; 

last week the kids did great telling the story of Prophet Salih ( A.S) . They all took turns saying different parts to tell the story , Masha''a Allah . Good job 4th graders 👍🏻

homework for next week 2/16/2020

Quran :                                                      •review surat Ashams / keep practicing and memorize the surah 

• Share with your family the main new arabic words we have learned in the surah ! COUNT HOW MANY WORDS YOU KNOW SO FAR 😀

• surat Al balad  ayah 1-5                         .Practice reading the new ayat with tajweed rules and memorize!                                                   • we have learned the ayah                             "لقد خلقنا الإنسان في كبد   "    

list 5 things that shows how human life will always in struggle/ كبد 😅                  


*We have learned the du''a when          ………entering the masjid                                 "اللهم افتح لي ابواب رحمتك " / Oh Allah open the doors of your mercy " 

………leaving the masjid                                                 " اللهم اني أسألك من فضلك " 


* Also We have learned some of the manners we should have in the masjed/ Check note book, and share it with your family ! 

• write the names of the three main masjed and the location of each masjed !

***(the students who are not done with their project ( coloring the three main masajids ) should finish it at home and bring it next week ! Be creative!! ) *** 

jazakum Allah khairan  and see you all next week insha’a Allah 😉

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