Homework reminder

Al-Salamu Alaykum, 

Dear parents, this is a quick reminder about what we did in class today, and the homework reminder for next Sunday, insha’a Allah.  

For Quran: the first ayah from Surat Al- Naser please help your child to memorize it.  

Arabic: students learned letter (Dha & Lam) students need to finish the homework for this letter in the Arabic book and finish the printed copies that I provided for you. 

Finally, for Islamic studies: From I Love Islam 1 Unit C Chapter 3 today students learned how to make wudu, please help your child to practice it.

for dua’a Students learned Anew helpful dua’a when i greet a Muslim I say: (As-salamu alaikum wa rahmat ullahi wa Barakatuhu)
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