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homework/ sunday school 3/1/2020

Asalamu alykum everyone 

THANK you all 4th graders ; parents and students,  for  YOUR COMITMENT AND your EFFORT every week 🙏 Thank you  guys for doing your homework …YOU ARE ALL amazing 😉 

this is the homework 📚  for 3/1/2020 insha''a Allah 

• Nouraniyah/ lesson 13 page 24 lines 5-8 ( shaddah )         
– review reading lines 1-4 pg 24                                                    – practice reading lines 5-8 from page 24 / focus on pronouncing the shaddah on each word 

•Quran / surat Al balad 1-15                              – read and memorize the new ayat 10-15                                                        – Review the good deeds Allah ( s.w) listed for us to do to be on the right way    ( check your notebook 📒)

                                                                             • Arabic / ayat from the quran 

إن الله على كل شيء قدير

– finish writing this ayah in the writing book                               -share the meaning of this ayah with your parents and when can we use it 😉

Islamiat / prophef Muhammad 

– review and memorize all the names of prophet Mohammad family and friends 

_ finish reading the unit ( prophet mohammed arrives yathrib ) 

– answer the questions of the lesson in your notebook 📒 

– tell your family the story of Asma'' bint abo bakr during prophet mohammad migration to yathrib and her strength facing abo jahl 

Jazakum Allah khairan 

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