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Live From The Field

Asalamu Alaykum Dear parents and every one,

I   would like to express to you my pleasure to meet my lovely students,children, after 
the winter hoidays, hopping that you will have a good time. 
And now I present to you what we took from last Sunday's lessons:

 We took Surat Al-Zalzala (1-4) in the first four verses with explanation, and I listened to the reading of some
of the students who memorized it and set the grades for them.

* Memorzing the first four verses of Surat Al-Zal Zala.


We took the three Maddah Letters حروف المدّ الثّلاثة المدّ الطّبيعي ا و ي from Al-Qaieda Al-Noorania's Book
Page number 14.   And Page number 23 from Beginners Arabic Reading.

Please help your children to read the words on these two pages using the help and reference of the 
video recorded for the book : "Al-Qaieda Al-Noorania's Book" Page 14.

Answer the worksheet for some students who have not fininshed solving it in class.

Islamic Studies:

We took the 6 six Pllars of Iman "faith" :
1- To  belive in Allah.     الإيمان بالله عزّ وجلّ 
2- To belive in Allah's anglels  الإيمان بملائكته
3- To belive in Allah's Book.   الإيمان بكتبه
4- To belive in the Day of Judgment.  الإيمان باليوم الآخر
5- To belive in fate, the good and the  bad.  الإيمان بالقدر، خيره وشرّه

I explained to the students the two pillars of Iman "faith".


Memorize the six 6 pillars of Iman "faith". 

Insaf Odeh

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