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news letter and home work for sunday 11/17

Asalamu Alaykum everyone:) 

Here is my news letter and homework 

4th graders boys are amazingly competing to win “THE BEST MU’ATHIN” …beautiful voices and performances Masha’a Allah , bug next Sunday is the time to pick our winner 🙂 keep practicing and let out your best Athan words out loud !! 

***The winner will be honored to recite Athan  for Salat Athuhur at our main Masjed ***

Quran / surat Al-layl ayah 1-5

HW / •read and memorize these ayat with tajweed rules 

• write three GOOD deeds that we can do to make us among the good people , and another three BAD deeds that can make us fail and have a hard  life !!

  • review the meaning of the new  ayat 


  • finish writing some more names of our prophets names 

  • Write or type 🖥some facts and brief information about your favorite prophet /Design a nice frame around the information🌁print the paper 🖨. !! Be creative make sure to bring it to school next week to finish our project   

  • write  in your note book 3 times عليه السلام / peace be upon HIM ( when metioning ONE prophet’s Name) 

  • Write in your note book 3 times عليهم السلام / peace be upon THEM ( when we metion more than one prophet) 


  • Finish answeing question for chapter 2 / the story of prophet Ishaaq عليه السلام 

  • Answer questions in your workbook / pg 7-9 

*** thank you parents and students who memorized prophet Ibraheem ‘s Du’a when he and his son Ismaeel were building the Ka’ba ….Great job guys 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻*** 


Jazakum Allah khairan 


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