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  • news letter and homework for 3/29/20

news letter and homework for 3/29/20

Asalamu alaykum everybody 
Welcome to our first week of studying on google class ! Try your best to keep learning and be thankful to everything around you !
Start saying the du’a for learning 
اللهم علمنا ما ينفعنا ، وانفعنا بما علمتنا ، وزدنا علما
“ Oh Allah , teach us what benefits us , and benefit us from what you have taught us, and give us more knowledge….Ameen “
Quran :
Recite surat Al fatiha/ Al Iklas / Al Falaq/ An naas
Check your note book for the facts and meaning on each surah 
Surat Al balad / the City (Makkah) 
•Quran / surat Al balad
ayah 17-20
• read these ayat each ayah three times 
•Write these words in your note book 
الذين امنوا / among the believers 
تواصوا / remind each other 
بالصبر / steadfast/ patient 
بالمرحمه/ mercifull 
أولئك / those are 
أصحاب الميمنه/ the people of the right 
الذين كفروا / those who disbelieve
أصحاب المشئمه / the people of the left 
عليهم نارٌ مؤصده /  on them fire everywhere and all the time  (the disbelievers) 
We learn from these ayat :
There are two group of people 
1. The people who believe and remind themselves and other to be steadfast / patient and they remind themselves and other to be mercifull Will be among the people of the right 
2. The people who disbelieve in Allah ‘s signs ( and do not do all the good things to others) will be among the people of the left and they will be ALWAYS IN HELL FIRE 
We learn from these ayat 
1. Always try to do good deeds 
2. Remind ourselves and others to be patient and merciful to win Allah’s Jannah 
HW/ memorize these ayat and the main meanings
Arabic: book let’s read and write / ayat from the quran 
                          لله ملك السموات والأرض pg 66 
• Read this ayah few times 
• understand the meaning of this ayah in english 
• finish writing the 5 lines in you best hand writing 
• rewright this ayah in your note book with your art and creativity ( be colorful 😁) , then write under your art ,  what do you learn from this ayah !!
Islamiat :book I love islam / unit B chapter 4 pg B26
Underline these characters:
Abu – Sufyan, Abu jahl , 
• Read chapter 4 pg B26-B32
• answer the question pg B 33
• Answer the questions in the workbook /unit4 pg 30- 31 
In exercise 3 you can pick Salah , Faith, steadfastly, Angels, 
Thank you guys for your effort and keep us all in your Du’a 
Sister Lucy Maraka

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