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Assalamu Alaykum ,
Hello Parents, here what did in the class this Sunday:


  1. Qura’an:  

*I asked the students to memorize the (1-9) verses of Surah Al-Qara’a, and who answered yes, he read the verses about memorizing, the students who read them gave them a star a encourage them and to save them as grades.

*We recite  Surat Al-Qareah (1-11) with the application of the provisions of the qura’an.  

*Students repeat after me and recite the ayat of Surah.

*Students read several times Aayat (1-11) with application of the provisions of intonation.

Home Work:

*Exam in the whole sura (Al-Qarea’a) next week.

*Students should memorize and review Sura in preparation for the exam. 

*Students should bring Qur’an Kareemجزء عمّ” next week.

  1. Arabic:  

*The lesson began with a video on allam al qamareya and allam al shamseya اللّام  القمرية واللّام الشّمسيّة الْ الّ. *I explained to the students there are two forms of stillness السّكون   ْof the Arabic Language, and the stillness السّكون د of the Holy Quran.

*I explained to the students that the solar lam اللّام الشّمسية لّ does not pronounce and that the letter that the character is originally two characters, first and second moving, for example the word  السّلام: 1- we don’t pronounce the lame لّ. -2-we say assalam اسّلام. 3- the letter سّ seine is originally an accented letter سْ a consonant, and a letter with an opening “fathaسَ ".*They took a class paper to perform on  اللّام الشّمسية . 


* Written exam in the first lesson and the second lesson of the “Al-Qaeda Al norania’s book (الحروف المفردة والحروف المركّبة), the light base letters and compound letters and short vowels movements: harakat (حركات)fatha,damma,kasra,shadda, lam qamareya and lam shamseya.

*Students should memorize the letter locations of the word.  

 *They had practice writing their names well at home. *Read Arabic words containing اللام الْقمرية  and اللام الشّمسية.* 

 *They must bring a notebook and file in each share for worksheets  an assignments. 

3-Islamic Studies:

  • We did a review of the ablution lesson and the students read the lesson from the student’s book while solving the lesson questions.

  • I reviewed the ablution lesson for students through my request for a female student to do wudoo’ in front the students with my explanation of the stages of ablution.

  • I gave my observation to the students the need to memorize the meaning of both ablution and intention and to memorize the Quranic verse and the hadith in the lesson.

  • We reviewed the previous lesson by asking students about the definition of both purity and impurity and their types and then giving them worksheet to solve.

Home Work:

Written exam in the lesson of ablution and purity next week en.shalla.




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