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                                                  Newsletters #12

      12/1/2019 through   12/7/2019                    

Dear parents,


Here is a review of what we did in class today and the homework they need to complete for the following three weeks.



Surat Al-Kawthar


               – We will go over Surat Al-Kawthar to memorize it and know the meaning.


                  – Memorize all of Surat Al-Kafirun, Al-Fatiha and Al-Kawthar because they will have a reciting test this Sunday. 
                  – Review all of Surat Al-Kafirun, Al-Fatihah and Al-Kawthar because they will have a writing test.


Islamic Study:

                  –We went over
       1-Arkan –ul-Islam, The Five Pillars of Islam (Page #C 2 through #C 9)

      2-I Love Salah, Prayer (Page# C 12 through #C 18)

      3- Wudoo’ Makes Me Clean (Page# C 22 through #C28)


                  –Go over the classwork because the students will have a test over them on Sunday 12/8/2019.



Reading test

1-      Al-Qaidah Al-Nouraniah book     



جَمَعَ  , جَعَل   ,بَخِل   ,أَمَرَ     ,  أَذِن ,أَخَذَ


رَفَعَ ،ذَكَر  ،  خُلِق  ، خَشِىَ ، حَشَرَ  ، حَسَدَ


قُرِئَ ، قَدَرَقُتِلَ،   ،فَعَلَ   ،  عَدَلَ ، عَبَسَ  ،  كَفَرَ،




وَلَدَ ، وَقَبَ ،  وَسَقَ وَجَدَ ،  ، كَسَب ، وَهَبَ    



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