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Newsletters 7

Insaf Odeh

 Written on 10/23/2019

Assalamu Alaykum,Hello Parents, here what did in the class this Sunday:


*The students took the first four verses “Ayat” from Surat Al-Takatur, and explain their meanings.


Home Work:

*Students should memorize the first verses of  Surat Al-TAKATUR.

*Please send a stylized juzoa  Amma with your children.




*I have explained the tenth lesson of the book Al-Nooraniy, the lesson of stillness"السّكون.

*I have explained the nature of  uppercase lettrs, interpersonal letters and letters of looseness ( الحروف الشّديدة والحروف البينيّة وحروف الرّخاوة ) and mention them to students and we trained on how to pronounce the letter R in case of aggravation التفخيم, which is when there is a slot movement and fatha فتحه َ above the letter R ر and Tarqeeq ترقيق when there is a fracture under the letter R ر and shwed students that it is between the letters الحروف البينية.

*Students were given worksheets on word-cutting as an application for a stillness lesson. *I  distributed the Arabic exam to students. 

Home Work:

*Students should read the 10th lesson stillness in their homes and memorize all the explained in the lesson.                                              *Students who have not completed the worksheet must complete their homework in their homes.

Islamic Studies:

1-     *I started by explain the lesson of prayer “Lets Pray” , the lesson began with a review what is the five pillars of islam .

2-     Reviewing the five pillars of islam by asking students what are the five pillars of islam? Whoever answered the students gave him a prize to   

     encourage  him.

3-    I wrote the five pillars of  Islam on the whiteboard. 

4-    I’ve givevn students a story about the prayer :

    “The prayer that one of the five pillars of islam.will that prayer for its great importance to God imposed by God Alimighty and solved in the seven               heavens nignt Isra and Miraj story Isra. They learned what is the meaning of the prayer in islam and  the meaning of importance and sanctity of prayer       for Muslims in their lives.

5-   Students learned that prayer is the key to paradise.

6    Students learned  that prayer is as important to the soul as food to the body.

7-  Students learned that God told his holy prophet that he had imposed on Muslims prayers and the number was initially 50 prayers in the seven heavens,       but after the prophet asked him to reduce his number, God respond to his prophet’s request and made it  5 prayers  a day.


8-   I distributed papers to students to colored it , cut , and paste it into their notebooks. I distributed the Islamic exam to the students.

9-    I distributed the Islamic exam to the students.

Home Worke:

    *Students should read the prayer lesson from the student book and prepare for the lesson well for the next week and will be given participation marks for            students.













































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