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Weekly Newsletter/Nov 3

ASA 2nd B parents..

Here is what we learned in our class
Nov 3:
*Quran :
We learned the ayat (2-4) from Surat
At-Takathur(recitation and tafseer).

-Group A (Beginners): We learned the letters( ك ،ن ،ظ )and we recognized the different shape for each letter (beginning, middle and end of the word).

-Group B (Advanced): We identified small maddah letters and learned spelling and reading some words having small Maddah letters.

-We defined the meaning of "Dua'a"
-We learned the importance of dua'a and how to do it properly.
-We learned the best times to make dua'a and memorized the name of Allah Al-Mujeeb and the meaning of it.

*Home works for next Sunday
Nov 10,inshaa Allah are :
– Memorize the ayat (2-4) from surat
-Do exercise 3, page 64 from Islamiat worksheets book.


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