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  • What did we do today? (2/9/2020)

What did we do today? (2/9/2020)

Quran Homework: Memorize the 6th ayah of Surah Al Fatiha


Arabic: Today, we learned the letter “ghain”. 

Arabic Homework: Write Letter “ghain” in Arabic Writing Book. Review Previous Letters


Islam: Who is Prophet Muhammad? 

Islam Homework: MEMORIZE SONG

  •  Prophet Muhammad was born in Makkah. His father is Abdullah and his mother is Aminah.
  • Prophet Muhammad believed that there is only one God – Allah (SWT)
  • Whenever we hear people say “Prophet Muhammad” – we say “Sallah Allahu Alaihi wa salam”
  •  Prophet Muhammad is the last Prophet
  • Allah sent the Qur’an to Prophet Muhammad- The Qur’an is our Holy Book
  • Muslims follow the example of Prophet Muhammad- he was the best man to ever walk the Earth!
  • Prophet Muhammad is nicknamed Al Sadiq Al Amin : Because he was always honest & trustworthy. He never lies or steals. He is always kind and treats everyone equal!

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