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Your child homework


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

السلام عليكم و رحمه الله و بركاته 

  • Homework: 


Last week for Surat AlAlaq.

Review the whole sura(Alalaq),

1-19 Ayas( last week for Surat Alaq)

(Use the Quran book when you practice  reading with your child)


Arabic book 1 

Lesson 13 P.١٩

Read & write 

Do flash cards 

Arabic Reading 

Lesson 15 P.22

Read only (third 4 lines)

Qaida Norani book 

Lesson 8 p.١٤ 

Read only حرف اللين 


Unit c 

Chap 7 Zakah

P.C 62

1-Practice Thikr when you pray.

2-Practice two Rakaa training Salah .

3-Review Wadoo,Tashhud.

4-Choose any two exercises from your work book (I love Islam 3) work with your parents. 

5-Don’t forget to donate an item (Zaka) for the needy and bring it to class next Sunday inshallah.


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